My first gallery in Mexico was located inside of the Pasaje Allende (the oldest shopping street of San Miguel de Allende). After looking at every possible option in town for a space to rent, we finally got tipped of by a local shopkeeper that there might be a space left at the Pasaje.
As we walked into this stunning old street, Andrés from Nido just happended to close his shop for the day. We got talking and he kindly informed us about the gallery space that was potentially still up for grabs. The next day I rang the owner, met up the next days to see the showroom, and by the end of the week I moved into the Pasaje Allende. We became friends with the other shop-owners. There was Boni, a legendary frame-maker, his brother who had once upon a time been a famous musician in San Miguel and Valeria, the wife of Andrés and co-founder of their furniture store for kids. Together with the all the other shop keepers, we threw a fun event – its was epic! It even made it to the newspapers.