After making Chappaqua, I had a lot of red and green paint left over. I started thinking what I could do with it. During a cup of tea in my big lounge chair, my mind made the connection that I’m red-green colorblind.

So, I started putting the two colors side by side and on top of eachother on canvas. I discovered the existence of 3D glasses with red-green shades, and ordered a pair. I put them on and witnessed something I had never seen before. I decided this was worth an exhibition and started working bigger.

This series is about looking, seeing and discovering something totally new.
Since it was such a personal project, I hosted the exhibition in my own studio.
All visitors that tried the 3D glasses, had an unexpected experience (video below).

Photo’s by Bram Belloni · Location: Broedplaats Bogotá, Halfweg, NL