Ruben de Haas (1988) is an upcoming artist and designer from Amsterdam. He loves colors and his life is filled with it. He is interested in investigating the possibilities of different materials and techniques whilst staying playful and intuitive.

Driven by curiosity and a desire for new experiences he gained a broad perspective while living and working in Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Cambodia, Mexico, Spain and The Netherlands. He joined creative studios, went on world-tour with Evermore to film for a documentary, opened a gallery, worked as a creative designer and published a book.

In 2020 he decided to become a full time artist. His first project ‘How Much Ink Does A Marker Contain?’ was born and set the stage. His trademark is mono-colored artworks but his wide-ranging practice continues to grow. Ruben wishes to spread the message that we can all learn the art of growing older without losing the sense of what we truly love.

De Haas is now storming the global art scene. His works are bought by collectors in New York, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia & The Netherlands. In 2022 he was nominated for the ‘Koninklijke Prijs voor de Vrije Schilderkunst’ (Royal Dutch Art Prize) – an achievement that brings him closer to his big goal: to have a show at MoMa (New York City) in 2030.


+316 42 86 7111
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Artist Statement 8.0

Both my parents went to art school, so as soon as I could hold a brush they invited me to join them and I basically never stopped. My dad taught me that you can make anything in this world, my mother showed me to never give up on your own creative voice. I am curious about materials and techniques and often set out to explore the boundaries and possibilities. This naturally turns into a vision for a new concept or a series of artworks and an exhibition. In both my work and personal life (if it’s even possible to separate them), I aim to be sensitive to what I feel like doing and create time & space for myself to do it. I like silence, music, fresh beds and I love colors. 


2023       Vernissage @ Galerie Cezart, Maastricht (NL)
2022        Colors & Lines, duo show with Neil Lorenzo, Barcelona (ES)
2022        Bogotá Art 2022
2022        11 Spijkers/Nagels - Private Establishment, Maastricht (NL)
2021        Hectobar - Neck Of The Woods Gallery, Rotterdam (NL)

2022        How Much Ink - Galeria 557, Mexico City (MX)
2022        The Colorblind Show - Broedplaats Bogota, Halfweg (NL)
2021        The Sun Is Not Yellow, It Is A Chicken - Color Sound Light Atelier, Amsterdam (NL)
2021        Friends by Friends - Broedplaats Bogotá, Halfweg (NL)
2020        How Much Ink Does A Marker Contain? - De School, Amsterdam (NL)
2018        From Good To Not So Terrible - Salamon Art & Design, Amsterdam (NL)

Awards / Nominations

Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst 2022 - Nomination

SAN Accent 2019 - Winner ‘Smart Idea’ with monty amsterdam

SPIN Awards 2019 - Nomination ‘Smart Phone Challenge’ with monty amsterdam

San Accent 2018 - Winner, for advertising campaign with monty amsterdam


Gauwe Klauwe (Podcast interview)

Flow Magazine, The Netherlands

Day-glo Rothko by Mark Ashurt for 2ndOpinion

Fang Magazine (see page 48 for Article)

Big Stock Photo (Top 10)

IdN (Beyond Positive)

Client List as Creative Designer & Illustrator

AHD Paper Co
Ahoy Trader
Alchemy Bali
Bandit Kids
Into the Fold
Bali Inspired Magazine
Lulu Stars
Rafiki Mwema
Oldman’s Bali
Acapulco Pro Festival
ESQ Advocaten
monty amsterdam
Outside The Box Studio
Doba Gourmet
Colette Winkens
Promenant Coaching
Zing Your Brand
Evermore (Band)
OKYES Productions
Join the Magazine
Walldog World
Salty Banter
BASKK at Kirra Point
Ginger Savely
Blind Lyle Films
Yoga Dogs
Fang Magazine
CUCU Covers
Recreo San Miguel
Positive Headspace
LifePath Retreats

Sometimes Ruben get’s himself into film too, watch that here