Mondrian Hong Kong

The best things happen out of love and genuine connections. An example of that is a project we did for Mondrian Hong Kong designed by ByKK. I was commisioned to design a series of twelve Mixing Pixels, based on classic Chinese films, to compliment the twelve suites of the new designer hotel.

Years ago I lived in Australia, where I had a cool neighbour: Marcus Flack. He was one of the first in Melbourne to setup a co-working space. There was no such thing yet but wanted to live in a killer warehouse, and in order to pay the bills rented parts of it out to dope creative businesses.Every week legandary parties took place, which happened to be across the street from where I lived. During one of many late nights, we started chatting and eventually working together.

Years passed and we both ended up living in Amsterdam. Karin Krautgartner, was the reason Marcus moved to Amsterdam. She was the creative director for Marcel Wanders. They met on a canal cruise and within the first hour were hanging from a bridge together. They got hitched and made two kids, whom every now and again I’d look after, so the two busy parents could have a night out and enjoy the city.

You might now wonder: ‘Ruben, how does this relate to a design project in Hong Kong?’. Well.. It does, bare with me. Karin eventually started her own design company: ByKK, and works to create  magical hospitality places all around the world. While sitting their kids slowly and becoming Uncle Ruben, we all bonded and Karin one day asked me if I wanted to make a series of Mixing Pixels for a new hotel she was working on. Like I said: ‘The best things happen out of love and genuine connections.’

Book a suite here to see them for yourself, and follow ByKK for new projects.