Friends by Friends

During global lockdown I challenged ten of my ‘non-artistic’ friends to paint a realistic portrait.
In four months time, each had to make a painting of another Friend they’d never met.
At the week of the exhibition they finally got to meet each other and exhibit the works.

This project had two objectives:
1. Design an experience for my friends to reconnect with their own creativity.
2. Find a way to form new connections during the pandemic.

I visited all the Friends to interview them and film their creative process.
These video’s were also shown during the exhibition, at Broedplaats Bogotá, Halfweg (NL)


Trailer 1 ︎ ·  Trailer 2 ︎

Suus & Vi

Bram & Michelle

Kurt & Yara

Felix & Manouk

Zarin & Edu

All the Friends (click to scroll)

Thanks to the Friends: Susan Nijhof, Zarin van Ophem, Michelle Hinds, Bram Luza, Manouk Fijma, Felix Leenders, Yara Wattel, Kurt Kreulen, Vi Nguyễn & Eduart van der Graaf & Broedplaats Bogotá

Photos ︎ by Shelsea Doran & Marcus Flack